Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide

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INCI: Sodium Hydroxide

CAS: 1310-73-2

Appearance: Sodium hydroxide flakes typically appear as solid white or translucent flakes or pellets.

Chemical Properties: Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a strong base and is highly caustic. It is hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture from the air.


  • Soap Making: Sodium hydroxide, along with fats or oils, is used in the process of saponification to produce soap. During this chemical reaction, the sodium hydroxide reacts with the fats or oils (known as triglycerides) to form soap and glycerin. Once the saponification process is complete and the soap has cured, there is no residual sodium hydroxide left in the finished product.
  • pH Adjustment: In some personal care products such as liquid soaps, shampoos, and facial cleansers, sodium hydroxide may be used in small amounts to adjust the pH level of the product. Maintaining the proper pH is crucial for the product's effectiveness and to ensure it is gentle on the skin.

  • Hair Relaxers: Sodium hydroxide is a key ingredient in some hair relaxer products used to straighten curly or kinky hair. In these formulations, sodium hydroxide helps break down the protein bonds in the hair, allowing it to be reshaped.
  • Chemical Peels: In dermatology and cosmetic treatments, sodium hydroxide is used in chemical peels to exfoliate the outer layer of skin. This process can help improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Other Uses:

  • Chemical Manufacturing: Sodium hydroxide flakes are widely used in chemical manufacturing processes, including the production of various chemicals, detergents, and soaps.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry: In the pulp and paper industry, sodium hydroxide is used in the pulping and bleaching processes to break down lignin and remove impurities.
  • Water Treatment: Sodium hydroxide is employed in water treatment processes to adjust pH levels and neutralize acidic wastewater.
  • Food Processing: It is used in the food industry for various purposes such as peeling fruits and vegetables, curing and processing cocoa, and in the production of certain food additives.
  • Cleaning and Degreasing: Sodium hydroxide is an effective cleaning agent and is used for degreasing surfaces and equipment in industrial settings.


  • Sodium hydroxide flakes are highly corrosive and can cause severe burns if they come into contact with the skin or eyes. Proper safety precautions, including the use of protective equipment such as gloves and goggles, are essential when handling this chemical.
  • It should be stored in a cool, dry place away from moisture and incompatible materials.

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