Sorbic Acid Powder
Sorbic Acid Powder

Sorbic Acid Powder

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CAS: 110-44-1

INCI: Sorbic acid

Sorbic acid (synonym: 2,4-hexadienoic acid) is a natural, straight-chained fatty acid. It is widely been used as a preservative in foods and cosmetics. For equal preservative power, only three parts of sorbic acid must be used to equal four parts of potassium sorbate. Purity >99% (FCC grade).


  • Has antimicrobial activity against molds, yeast and aerophile bacteria
  • Effective in a wide pH range of 2.5-7.

USE: Typical concentration 0.05-0.3% (if used alone) or 0.05-0.15% (if used in combination with other preservatives). Under certain conditions, sorbic acid may oxidize and cause slight color changes in the cosmetic product. This can normally be prevented by adding 0.1–0.3% citric acid to the product.

APPLICATIONS: All kinds of cosmetic products like creams, lotions, shampoos, makeup & sunscreen products.

STORAGE: Store light-protected in a cool and dry place.

Certificate of Analysis - Material Safety Data Sheet

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