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      Talsen Chemicals is aware of the value of durable products in the cosmetics and personal care sector. We have sorbic acid preservatives, phenoxyethanol, Optiphen Plus, Liquid Germall Plus, and more in our carefully picked range. Explore the world of preservatives and stabilizers and how they play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your formulations.

      Ensuring Product Integrity with Sorbic Acid Preservative:

      A potent antibacterial agent against bacteria, yeast, and molds is sorbic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid. It is particularly suitable for various cosmetic items like creams, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, and sunscreens, owing to its broad pH range compatibility (2.5-7). This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining product quality. For effective preservation and integrity retention, especially in products requiring cosmetic preservative solutions, consider utilizing high-purity sorbic acid (FCC grade) offered by Talsen Chemicals.

      The Versatility of Phenoxyethanol Preservative:

      Yeast, molds, and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria are all resistant to the broad-spectrum preservative phenoxyethanol alcohol. It is the best option for various personal care products because of its emulsifying activity, further increasing its utility in oil-water emulsions. At Talsen Chemicals, we provide pure phenoxyethanol with minimum 99% purity to ensure the highest level of preservation.

      Optiphen Plus Preservative: The Future of Preservative Products:

      With Optiphen Plus, you can say goodbye to parabens and formaldehyde. Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, and Caprylyl Glycol work together in this cutting-edge preservative solution to provide broad-spectrum protection for cosmetic products. Use Talsen Chemicals' Optiphen Plus to give your lotions, creams, serums, shampoos, and other products excellent preservation and a wonderful feel.

      Liquid Germall Plus: Effective and Cost-Efficient Preservation:

      A water-soluble liquid preservative called Liquid Germall Plus is recognized for preventing the development of bacteria, mold, yeast, and other common organisms at low concentrations. Its compatibility with various cosmetic ingredients and cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice among formulators—Trust Talsen Chemicals to deliver liquid Germall Plus preservative for your product preservation needs.

      Ethanol Preservative: The Natural Choice:

      Our ethanol-based preservative  solutions provide an efficient, all-natural choice for your formulations. In addition to aiding in product preservation, ethanol also serves as a natural emollient, making your products feel opulent and enjoyable. With Talsen Chemicals, you can confidently incorporate ethanol preservatives in your cosmetics and personal care creations.


      Why do I need preservatives in my cosmetic products?

      Preservatives are necessary to ensure product safety, extend shelf life, and stop the growth of dangerous bacteria in cosmetic compositions.

      Are your preservatives ethically sourced?

      Yes, Talsen Chemicals is dedicated to obtaining its preservatives and stabilizers from sources that uphold the highest levels of ethics and sustainability.

      Can I use sorbic acid alone as a preservative?

      Sorbic acid can be used alone and with other preservatives to increase its effectiveness.

      Are your preservatives suitable for vegan products?

      Absolutely! Since all our preservatives, including Liquid Germall Plus, are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, they are perfect for vegan formulations.

      Can I use Liquid Germall Plus in various types of cosmetic products?

      Yes, Liquid Germall Preservative is adaptable and may be used in body washes, shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, and other cosmetic formulas.

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      Talsen Chemicals  enjoys offering you premium stabilizers and preservatives that have undergone stringent testing and meticulous sourcing. Our products, which range from sorbic acid powder to phenoxyethanol, Optiphen Plus, and Liquid Germall Plus, guarantee your cosmetic formulations' security, durability, and efficacy. You can rely on us to supply excellent quality ingredients that have been acquired responsibly for all your formulating requirements. 

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