Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol

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INCI Name: Cetearyl Alchol

CAS No: 67762-27-0

Cetearyl Alcohol, a fatty alcohol derived from natural sources like coconut or palm oil, is a key ingredient in cosmetic formulations, serving as an emollient, emulsifier, and thickening agent. Comprising a blend of cetyl and stearyl alcohols, it imparts a smooth, velvety texture to both skin and hair. Cetearyl Alcohol enhances product consistency and stabilizes emulsions, making it a versatile choice for creams, lotions, conditioners, and hair treatments. Discover the benefits of this multi-functional ingredient in your personal care routine for smoother, more nourished skin and hair.


  • INCI Name: Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Appearance: White to off-white flakes or granules
  • Melting Point: 49 - 56°C
  • Acid Value: ≤ 1 mg KOH/g
  • Saponification Value: 235 - 250 mg KOH/g
  • Hydroxyl Value: 178 - 195 mg KOH/g
  • Iodine Value: ≤ 1 g I/100g
  • Heavy Metals (as Pb): ≤ 10 ppm
  • Microbial Purity: Complies with cosmetic industry standards
  • Skin Care: Creams, lotions, moisturizers, body butters, facial cleansers
  • Hair Care: Conditioners, hair masks, leave-in treatments, styling products
  • Baby Care: Gentle shampoos, baby lotions, diaper creams
  • Sun Care: Sunscreens, after-sun lotions
  • Pharmaceutical: Ointments, topical formulations
  • Acts as an emollient, providing softness and smoothness to skin and hair
  • Functions as an emulsifier, aiding in the formation and stabilization of emulsions
  • Enhances product consistency and texture
  • Improves spreadability and application of formulations
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients
  • Typical Usage Level: 1 - 30% in formulations
  • Incorporate Cetearyl Alcohol into the oil phase of formulations and heat to melt before emulsification.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.